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Ice skates?

Does anyone know of a place that sells secondhand ice figure skates (in England) ? I go skating very rarely so it is not financially sensible to buy new ones but I would still like to have a pair of my own. Any help you can give would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

Ice skates?
You are right, in that the size of your feet is going to limit your ability to find used skates. Keep looking on Ebay, but be cautious - not only will you not be able to try on the skates to see if they really fit, but you won%26#039;t be able to tell how broken down they are. You need a pair of skates that have enough support, especially at the ankle, for you to skate. And in terms of size - skate boot size doesn%26#039;t necessarily correlate with street shoe size. For example, my Reidells were size 4 US, while my street shoe is a size 6 US. My Harlick boots, however, are a size 6 US - so boot size varies by manufacturer.

It may be easier to just go ahead and buy some new skates. There are now some supportive, decent basic skates available for a relatively low price. The Softec skates (link below) actually are not at all bad. Jackson also makes some good basic skates (another link). If your feet aren%26#039;t wide, the Risport Etoile may also work, and is widely available in the UK (link).

If used skates are still your best option, call the pro shop at IceSheffield UK - that%26#039;s a major figure skating rink - and talk to them about what options they may have for you. They often help skaters sell their used boots and blades.
Reply:You should check at local sport shops, and sporting good stores, I%26#039;m not familiar with England, but usually there are places that do sell second hand sporting equipment that you can buy. Since you don%26#039;t plan on doing a tons of skating or skating that would tear up cheap skates you could buy an inexpensive like Jackson%26#039;s, Riedell%26#039;s, or something along those lines that are in the lower lines that are new. Some of the cheaper new ones can be easier to find and in such large sizes and they don%26#039;t cost a lot, and it also takes less time to search for them. You can look at some of the manufactures websites and see if they have any skates that you are interested in. I would also check on www.amazon.com (or similar websites) and see if you can find some of the lower end skates that are new for a discounted price (instead of buying them from a dealer).
Reply:Okay, I have to tell you I%26#039;m not in England, but generally the skate shop or pro-shop in the rink nearest you will have some used figure skates for sale.

I really wouldn%26#039;t reccommend buying skates online. They should be slightly comfortable, and you%26#039;ll need to try them on.

Sometimes chain sporting goods stores carry boots and blades in their stores that you can try on, and these are going to run along the same price line that a %26quot;good%26quot; pair of used skates will run.

If you can get new boots and blades for about $100-150, so I%26#039;m guessing around 70-125 pounds (I%26#039;m too lazy to do the actual conversion) then you are prolly getting about the same deal you%26#039;d get buying a used pair of skates. (Pro Shops don%26#039;t usually sell used beginner boots because they are already too broken down. They tend to sell high performance boots that are still useable for beginners, and they still cost a decent amount because of the initial cost of the boots and blades.)
Reply:well do you want hockey skates or figure skates??? and also I have never been to england but maybe like do you have a play it again sports any kind of sporting goods store that sells used stuff or you could maybe find a decent pair on ebay or internet that are used
Reply:I don%26#039;t live in England but you can buy skates @ pro shops, and on the internet, or go on to ebay.

Good Luck on Skating!
Reply:GARAGE SALE, or a rink.


Ice skates!!!!!!!!?

you see, sometimes when i touch my ice skate boots with my hands/fingers, i see little grey smugges on the boot! how do i take those away??!!! i tried nail polish remover with water on a rag, but it still didn%26#039;t work!! i mean i just got these skates 3 days ago, and am waiting till saturday for my next lesson, and i didn%26#039;t wear them yet but there are like 3 little grey finger print smugges on the boot, but they are also very un-noticible, but still, even if they are super light grey and you can%26#039;t really see them, how do i get them off???!!!!!

Ice skates!!!!!!!!?
Don%26#039;t dilute the nail polish remover with water.
Reply:**It sounds like you might have an oil or polish on your skate leather. Try wiping it off. Tomorrow, call the store where you bought them and ask if there is something that they put on them.**

I haven%26#039;t heard of this so I have to admit that I don%26#039;t know for sure but my initial though when I read what you wrote is that your skates are actually covered in some sort of polish or oil to protect them from the manufacture.

Try -- up near the top -- wiping them off with a soft clean cloth and see if anything come off.

If there is something on there it will come off eventually anyway and could get on something like your dress and I doubt that is is necessary past shipping.

You might also want to call the store where you bought them and then the manufacture.
Reply:Try not diluting the nail polish remover with water, and using it, and you can get boot polish, but it%26#039;s just natural wear on the boots which all skaters have!
Reply:try vaseline or maybe buy a proper cleaneing agent for ice skates at the rink shop
Reply:These are just scuffs, and they%26#039;re bound to happen. I know, it%26#039;s quite dissappointing, especially if their new. There%26#039;s nothing really that can stop it, but you can try wearing boot covers or tights that pull over the boots.

Don%26#039;t use nail polish remover, it will damage the boot material. You can try using a soft cloth if they are oil stains, but I doubt it. If you rub the cloth on it and it rubs off, you%26#039;re in luck! But I really don%26#039;t think it will come off. It%26#039;s a natural thing, all great skaters have it (Sasha Cohen for example.) It%26#039;s just the wear and tear of your ice boots since you%26#039;ve been skating a lot!

Don%26#039;t feel bad, my scuffs are brown cause my heels on my boot are brown and when you skate it rubs onto the side. Your heels must be black (i%26#039;m assuming...)

Good luck, hope this helps!
Reply:Skate tape can become your new best friend. It%26#039;s white tape to you put on your skates that protects them. It%26#039;s amazing stuff, really! If your local pro shop doesn%26#039;t carry it, try some of the pro shops online.

Over the boot tights or boot covers can also help protect your skates. Over the boot tights just tend to get runs and holes in them rather quickly, so that%26#039;s why I prefer skate tape.

Our skate pro uses WD 40 to take scuffs, sk8 tape residue, etc. off of skates. She then uses scrubbing bubbles cleaner to clean them and take the WD 40 off. She%26#039;s done Sasha Cohen%26#039;s skates, Sarah %26amp; Emily Hughes%26#039; skates, etc., so she really knows what she%26#039;s doing.


Ice skates...?

hey im 13, i recently started ice skating lessons a few weeks ago and my dad say how crappy the rentals are so has offered to buy me some of my own. Where can i buy WHITE womens figure skates in London? im a 6.5 btw :D thanks x

Ice skates...?
Best places to go are the Rinks themselves, but they do have big mark-up on the products.

Harringey has a good skateshop, so does Lee Valley and Guildford. Romford will rob you blind. Good luck in your venture, it might be a good thing it try e-bay to start. If you like it and continue then your parents can invest in new ones.
Reply:I would suggest going to your local skating pro shop, which often times they are located inside the ice rinks, you can also check your local phone book under ice skating equipment. Good luck!
Reply:1.get skates 1 or 2 sizes under because when you skate your foot will shrink

2. cut your toenails all the time because if they get long when you skate it will hrut so bad that you will cry

3. it takes at least 10 days to break in the new skates

4. you can order them online oh you need a coach they will tell you every thing

5. dont buy skates for $50.00 and under they will be at least $200.00 or more ya alot i know
Reply:Queens Ice Skating club Its just around the corner from Bayswater Tube station. I bought my first pair from there....


Ice skates?

Where is a good place to buy ice skates that is not on the internet. None of the stores I go to have any like Wal mart or big 5. Please help!

Ice skates?
A sports store or an ice skating pro shop. Try looking in your phone book under sports stores and call them up and ask if they carry ice skates. Sports Authority usually has them and so does Dick%26#039;s Sporting Goods if there are any of those where you live.
Reply:sports store
Reply:Try your local rink or sports equipment store. Also, ask someone at your rink. They will be able to tell you where to find skates!


Ice skates?

do ice skates sizes parrallel american, male shoes sizes?

in other words, if I wear a size 10.5 shoe, what size ice skate should I look for? (and is buying them online from a place like ebay a bad idea?)

thanks for your help

Ice skates?
Yes, they parallel...but I%26#039;m Canadian, what do I know about American shoes and theire sizes.
Reply:go for like an 8 or 7. Go ahead and buy them from ebay but make sure you check out the same exact skate at a hockey store to get the right size.


Ice skates??

I just want to know what good ice skates there are. I mean, I have heard of loads but not sure what%26#039;s best, not too expensive but can go quite high. (not figure skating skates, but ice hockey skates).

Any tips will be appreciated!

Ice skates??
This issue is best decided/discussed with your coach. There are MANY different types and brands of ice skates, but they all depend on how good of a skater you are, and how serious you are about the sport. So, talk with your coach, that%26#039;s all i can say.


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Ice Skates?

Ice skates?

do ice skates sizes parrallel american, male shoes sizes?

in other words, if I wear a size 10.5 shoe, what size ice skate should I look for? (and is buying them online from a place like ebay a bad idea?)

thanks for your help

Ice Skates?
American skate sizes are somewhat similar to shoe sizes...but you do not want to get skates that are a little bigger as some posts have suggested. I would look for skates that are about 1-1.5 sizes smaller than your street shoe size. So if you wear a 10.5 shoe I would start looking at a size 9 skate. I wear a 10 shoe (ladies) and a size 9 Harlick skate, but my Jackson brand skates were 8.5%26#039;s. It depends on the brand as well. You want the skate to be snug fitting but not so tight that it is painful. I once heard that Kristi Yamagucci skates in skates that are 3 sizes smaller than her actual shoe size. If you get skates that are too big you run the risk of the ankle breaking down too quickly and then you will not have good support.

Ebay can be OK...but unless you know the exact model number of the skate and can go to a pro shop to try it on for fit, I think I would not order from Ebay. I would want to have my skates fitted (depending on how important this and skating is for you) by a professional...mainly for safety so you do not injure yourself if you fell while attempting a jump or something such as that or even just glidding and tripping and potentially hurting your ankle or falling on your knee.

Every brand of skates (ie Harlick, Ridell, Jackson%26#039;s) will all fit differently and that%26#039;s another reason why you might want to have a pro shop fit you. They know what to look for.

I also like Rainbo Sports as they have fitting guidelines in their FREE mail catalog. They also have an online catalog plus ordering available online and this also includes information about how skates should fit. I put the web address in the source area for you to check them out if you are interested.

I ordered my skates from Rainbo (they also have everything you need for skating besides the skates...blades, apparal, instructional videos, and skate care products like blade guards and soakers, etc) and I have had a great experience each and everytime I have dealt with them. I think I have purchased 4 pairs of skates from them as well as numurous other products. Hope this helps and answers some of your questions! Happy Skating.
Reply:Ice skates normally fit 1 to 1 1/2 sizes smaller than your shoe sizes. I%26#039;ve never bought anything on ebay so I cant give much advice on that but it%26#039;s better to buy your skates at the pro shop near your ice rink as you can try it on.
Reply:Yes US brand ice skates do run similar to shoe sizes.

I honestly feel that for an adult which you are indicating you are that you get fitted at a skate shop or visit one of the manufacturers web sites such as Riedell, SP-Teri, or Harlick. Each boot has a different fit. Hockey skates fit totally different than figure skates.

The type of skates that you get and the size depends on many factors such as your arch and the width of your foot. These factors can effect size. If this is your first pair of skates or you have not had a comfortable pair of skates I would not recommend purchasing them on e-bay for the reason that the skates have usually already been broken into someone Else%26#039;s foot and may not reshape to your foot and you will not be as comfortable.
Reply:Well you should prolly buy a size bigger since skates run small. Also you could do what I do with shoes, I find a pair I like then I go try them on at thte store then I bid. So if you want a pair of Jackson figure skates and you know the model number go try them on at the shop just tell then you are still looking around and that you want to know what size you wear. That is what I would do.

BTW I wear a size four girls in street shoes and a size 5 in skates I have Jackson Mystiques...
Reply:If you have a 10.5 shoe size you should go 1.5 sizes smaller in a skate, so you should be a size 9 in a hockey skate. Buying them online is only a good idea if you know exactly what model you want because each brand fits differently. Also, if you are a recreational skater, you should buy a lower end softer skate so they%26#039;re more comfortable. A higher end skate is stiffer and requires a lot more work breaking in so it would be quite uncomfortable the first 3-5 times you skate (or even more).
Reply:Well it is better to get a skate size a Little bigger.You should also buy skates from a shop at the ice rink, because my friend got skates on eBay and they were small, and you can try them on. The price may be More expensive but it is better quality.